Some Facts About the TransPort PT878 Flow Meter

pt878inwaterwithdisplaybydarylThe PT878 is without any doubt one of the most powerful portable liquid flow meters currently available in the market. It packs powerful features into a light, portable and very compact package. This measurement and control solution from GE can measure flow from outside a concrete lined, plastic or metal pipe non-intrusively; this ensures there is no contamination, pressure drop or leaks. Just to be on the safe side, the equipment is sealed in an enclosure that provides it with IP67 submersibility, protecting it in case it falls into a pool of water.

The PT878 flow meter is quiet versatile, one can add in an ultrasonic thickness gauge and even temperature transducers to help in measuring the rate of energy flow. It uses a patented, complex correlation algorithm to help it resolve transit time signals flawlessly. This algorithm enables the PT878 to accurately measure the flow of liquids from both extremes; it can measure ultrapure substances as well as in extremely dirty liquids such as slurries and raw sewerage.

It comes packed with a built in data logger which allows it to store in excess of a hundred thousand (100,000) data points at any given time and also keep up to thirty two (32) sets of very useful location parameters. It is also possible to easily transfer this data to your PC using the infra red port; this means you don’t need a direct connection to get the data as it can transfer the data remotely. This is very important when you take into consideration where such equipments are used, in tunnels, hidden spots and murky waters.

Because of the advanced technologies used such as its patented Correlation Transit Time DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technique which offers the PT878 an increased signal to noise ratio that in turn enables the equipment to get more accurate and drift free flow readings in liquids that have a presence of either gas bubbles or entrained solids, many other equipments in this category are unable to offer such accurate measurements.

The unit comes with a rechargeable battery which can offer the user up to eight hours of continuous, remote work. It is thus suited for all kinds of flow surveying roles. It is also easy to assemble and use as there is basically no need for any ancillary equipment nor is there any need to break into a built pipeline. It is readily available with English only or with English and another language. There are several languages supported such as Dutch, German, French, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Swedish, Portuguese, Spanish and Castilian to mention but a few.

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Benefits of PT878 Rental

pt878gc_diagr_400PT878 is a recommended flow meter that can be used by many people. It has a lot of features and benefits for all users. You can use this device for any purposes. PT878 unit comes with several accessories, such as power cord or charger, USB – IRD cable, and panalog data software. This device is available for purchase, weekly or monthly rental. The choice is really up to you. Many people are interested to choose the PT878 rental. This is reasonable because they can save a lot of money by renting this PT878 flow meter. It has a lot of options for all customers.

This TransPort PT878 flow meter has some great features, such as light and compact package. It comes with built-in data logger system. This system allows you to save more than 100,000 data for up to 32 sets of location parameters. This product can be added with ultrasonic thickness gage. However, this additional item is optional for all customers. You do not have to add this system when you do not need it. There are some temperature transducers added to this device. They are very useful to measure the energy flow rate. This flow meter comes with rechargeable battery. This battery can stay for up to 8 hours of continuous operation.

It is also equipped with a good system that can protect this device when it falls into water. The PT878 flow meter is one of the most popular portable liquid flow meters in the market. It is able to measure flow from plastic, concrete, or metal pipes properly. There is no leak, contamination, or pressure drop during the measurement process. This unit comes with patented correlation algorithms system. This system can reduce the transit time signals. Therefore, this product can give result very quickly. You do not have to wait for long time when using this unit. This PT878 device is also suitable for measuring flow in many different types of solution from pure to dirty liquid, such as raw sewage.

They are some great features offered by this flow meter. If you want to measure the flow of some types of liquid, you may want to choose this PT878 unit. This device also needs mounting and sensors hardware. All of these items can be rented separately. Many people are satisfied with the result of this unit. This meter can measure volumetric, velocity, and also energy flow rates. It also supports multiple language user interface.

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A Review of PT878 Portable Liquid Flowmeter

1360742620-93541500A flow meter is a device which is used to measure, monitor and record the rate of either flow, pressure or the rate of discharge of a gas.PT878 portable liquid flowmeter, is a type of portable flow meter which is used for measuring the flow of liquid using the principles of ultrasounds. This flow meter has the ability to measure the average velocity which is located along the path of an emitted beam of an ultrasound. This is achieved by averaging the differences in the measured transit time, which is generally between the pulses of ultrasounds which were observed propagating towards and against the direction of that particular flow.
This flow meter is usually affected by both pressure, temperature, density and viscosity of some very important mediums which include; Doppler’s flow meter, open channel flow meter and the transmission flow meters. Transmission flow meter can be categorized into inline flow meter and non-intrusive flow meter as well.
Some of the flow meters such as inline flow meters are known to be multivariable in that it can be widely used in the measurement of either liquid, gas or steam in different industries such as the waste water harvesting and treatment plant and petrochemical industries. It can also be used in power plants. Multivariable inline flow meters are so important because they are used for volumetric flow monitoring for a wide variety of liquid or steam.
On the other hand, multi inline vortex flow meters works on the principles of utilization of three important primary sensing elements. This elements are vortex shedding velocity sensor, temperature sensor and a pressure sensor, which it uses when measuring the mass flow rate of both liquids, gases as well as steam.
Inline vortex flow meter operates in manner where it measures the flow of both liquid, gases and steam by directing the frequency in a manner where vortices are alternatively shed against the bluff body. When flow passes through a bluff body along the flow stream, both vortex meter and the vortices work hand in hand by creating both low and high pressures, behind the shedder bars. Inline flow meter uses a crystal sensor which is known as piezoelectric sensor to detect any pressure that may have been exerted by the vortices along the velocity sensor. This sensor also coverts this pulses into electric signals. PT878 flow meter also uses a series of sensors so as to minimize potential leaks.

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